Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Contemplations on the 4th...

Note that the "clouds" in the horizon are really clouds of smoke from fireworks!

Mornings: fog and snow at the beach.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A portrait of success.

It's been so exciting this year to have my first garden as an adult. I have lots to (re) learn in my adult mind, but the bottom line is that even if it's sometimes challenging, it is FUN to grow.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bonfires, birds and baseball...

Oh, and "Boys".... engaged in a tough game of checkers...

First bonfire of the year at the cottage...

Dad and Kayla with his bird. A broken leg is nothing to worry fed it, then amputated the leg after the kids left. Last report: it was doing well, being fed by adult birds in the back yard.

A double-header allowed me to see Kayla and Jordan play ball...too bad I missed Kayla's ONE at-bat when I ran to the car to get my umbrella. Who knew that she'd be one of the first three up to bat, and that they would never make it through the batting order???

Tough kids. Too bad they can't hide their smiles!

Jordan was excited for his 3rd time up to bat!

Chasing the Dream: A Wicked weekend

It's always been on Kay's "bucket list" to go up in a hot air balloon....mine too, if I had a complete list written.

This weekend, I traveled down to Indianapolis, where Kay and I went to watch "Wicked" (fantastic, fantastic show!), followed by a weekend that Kay deemed a "Wicked" weekend, complete with hot air balloon ride!

Here, we chase the dream down the road.....of course, we had tickets for the 1:00 flight, but we were still rushing to make it on time!

The underbelly. It truly was a beautiful thing.

Here's our "Captain" and the girl he was hitting on throughout the flight - added entertainment!

Even more fun, perhaps though, were the couple of hours we spent after our brief flight walking around the "living history" park. The 1800's made us nostalgic for a slower pace of life.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I got stung by a hornet tonight, the first bee-family sting in TWENTY-THREE years. Holy Cow.

Before the bee sting, I had already realized that I have somewhat of a phobia about bees, hornets, wasps, etc. That's probably partially because I hadn't been stung in so long, but also because of the death of a friend which was caused by a swarm of bees.

It really hurt.

But I lived.

Tomorrow I'm going to go out onto my screened-in porch and kill that other hornet if he's still out there. The greatest thing I have to fear is fear itself, right? So. I'm not going to let that hornet run my life.

(Well, maybe I'll fling him outside if I can, but if he puts up any sort of resistance....he's done)